Meet the funniest Destination Wedding Anchor Of India ‘Girish Sharma’


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An exclusive interview with zoom tv Fame Anchor Girish Sharma


“Thoda Shhor toh Machhaiye”

These lines of Girish are enough for the crowd to rev up a frenzy!. On the go with the 7 years of experience
in live show anchoring worldwide, resulting in a choc a block full year, his huge fan following is ever craving
for his popular character roles at events.  Girish Sharma, popularly known as ‘Anchor Girish’ has surely
become the number one choice in India. His presence is the 'Presence' at every show. So we spoke to him
about his journey so far. Read on!

How did it all start?

Since my childhood I was a talkative brat. I loved talking to people & observed their habits. Later on, I
thought let’s talk more & turn it into a living (laughed). Officially I started doing live shows since 2011. My
first show was a small mall promotion in the  Western Suburb.


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What did you do before the live show anchoring?

I worked with entertainment channels such as  E-24 & zoOmTV. While working in zoOmTV as a producer, I
also got an opportunity to be in front of the camera for special shoots. ‘Zoom ki guthhi’ with Sunil Grover is
my favourite amongst them.

Your Best Experience as an anchor till now?

At one of the events at Delhi, while performing my mic suddenly got switched off. It was a huge event with
a crowd of 5000 plus people. I quickly analysed that if we delay the show, it  might become a disaster. So I
started talking to the huge crowd without the mic. The crowd was overjoyed & gave my spirit a standing


Anchor Girish Sharma has also performed at international platforms such as Kuwait, Istanbul, Cyprus,
Antalya, Cappadocia , Singapore, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Russia & more…

What inspired you the most?

Honestly, I am a small town boy. People have always laughed at my big dreams, especially my so called
‘close friends’ who made fun of my career choice & profession initially. This really hurt me & galvanised me
to work hard. In context of celebrities I get most inspired by Ellen Degeneres.

Who has been your backbone in this journey?

When I was in class 10th my father expired. Since then my brother Chetan Sharma has been a big support
for me. He backed my unconventional career choice and encouraged me.

You are popular for your character roles at events too.

Yes, I do play character roles similar to Dr. Mashoor Gulati  & Guthhi, PK, Al Habibi at events. People love
my characters a lot. They get involved with my characters & start taking selfies with me. In future, I will be
coming up with more characters.

Anchor Girish Sharma has also shared the stage with celebrities like Kanika Kapoor, Prachi Desai,
Govinda, Boman Irani, Mahima Chaudhary & many more…

You are viral on Social Media for the  Internet avatar ‘Paagal Ladka’ too.

Social media is a very big platform I guess, especially for the artists. I just made one video & to my joy  got
more than one lakh views. I also got noticed by newspapers & people started recognising me at airports as
‘Paagal Ladka’. So now I plan to make more videos, not for money, but for the joy and passion. Maybe next
time you will take my interview as ‘Paagal Ladka’ and not as an ‘Anchor Girish’ (laughed).

Lastly, what would you like to say to budding live show anchors?

I would say that they should feel lucky because they are going to spread happiness & joy. With this I would
also like to tell them to be ‘Be yourself’. People will surely like you, If not today then tomorrow for sure.

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