Anchita Singh is a popular dance influencer from Lucknow who has quickly gained a huge following for her unique dance style, which she calls “Mudragraphy.” This style involves expressing oneself through hand gestures and has earned her a great reputation in the world of dance. She has left an indelible mark on the hearts of her fans through her unique dance art and her Instagram following is growing day by day. Recently, she completed 112k followers. In addition to being a dance influencer, She is also a trained Kathak dancer and choreographer who provides online dance lessons to thousands of students and celebrities..

Today, we will tell you the complete story of her struggles and successes.

When talking to Anchita, she revealed that her mother is a teacher and therefore always emphasized the importance of excelling in studies as well as improving in every aspect of life. When she was younger, doing physical activities such as Kathak, badminton, and swimming together used to bother her, but as she progressed in life, she understood the importance of learning through hard work. Due to focusing on studies, she had stopped dancing but gradually realized through the emptiness caused by COVID and the power of social media that her art would not go to waste.

Due to which she started expressing themselves through her art on social media.In the beginning, everything was normal, but gradually with improvement, their engagement increased among peoples.

Anchita wanted to make her style unique as she knew there were other influencers on social media who followed the same style. This led her to take the help of mudragraphy (hand dance). Her idea was to create something different and engaging for her audience. She succeeded in doing so when she created a hand dance video on a popular old Bollywood song, which went viral overnight and garnered more than 10 million views. Her unique dance form became so popular that people started recognizing her for it. She is the one who brought this dance form to social media and made it famous.

How to think about becoming a dance choreographer?

She used to have less than 10k followers before starting to perform this dance form, but gradually her following increased. With people’s love and demand for learning this dance form, she decided to become a dance choreographer one day. Since then, her students have been increasing day by day. Today, she teaches hand dance along with sitting and standing choreography as well.

During a conversation with Anchita, an interesting story came up about her experience with hand dancing. She shared that one day, a woman who was physically challenged and unable to walk properly joined her hand dance classes to learn the art form. The woman had previously thought that she would never be able to dance again after an accident that left her with a leg injury. However, with the help of Anchita and the hand dance revolution, she was able to express herself through dance using her hands.

Due to such compliments, she understood how she could also help others through her dance, for whom dance is everything but they are unable to dance due to their insecurities. Therefore, she recently decided to start her own YouTube channel where she will teach dance for free to those who are unable to express their insecurities

The bio that he has written on his YouTube channel is something like this

“My uniqueness lies in the dance form called as MUDRAGRAPHY which provides confidence to those who are conscious of their body type, skin color or gender. Irrespective of all those norms, you can dance your heart out by just displaying your hands.”

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