Swapna Foundation, an NGO led by the enthusiastic youngsters of Lucknow, has initiated MISSION HANDS TOGETHER 2.O after the successful completion of MISSION HANDS TOGETHER 1.O last year to help the underprivileged cope up with tough times of the covid crisis.

Under MISSION HANDS TOGETHER 2.0, Swapna has successfully served the needy families with 200 ration kits, and 700 people with packets of savory meals in just a span of 10 days.

They are currently helping 11 villages and 21 slums.

The rangers of Swapna Foundation have conducted several Ration Distribution and Food Donation drives in several areas of Lucknow.
The mission is ongoing and will continue for 2 more months, where these young men and women will enable hundreds of more people and provoke a soul-filling smile on their faces.

The mission aims to ease the misery of the daily waged workers like rickshaw pullers, fruit sellers, and other small vendors who are less privileged and are facing a hard time making their ends meet.

Swapna has been endlessly working for human welfare, women empowerment, education under Mission Margdarshan, animal welfare under Paw Rangers, Environmental causes under the Bhumitra Initiative, and providing basic education to the underprivileged kids under Street Kaksha.
They conduct food, necessities and ration distribution drives, and various online campaigns to spread awareness among people.

No matter what the situations are, the young volunteers have joined their hands together and are active on the duty of spreading smiles.
Are you?

Instagram account : https://instagram.com/ourswapna

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